Who We Are

Vitti Labs™ is an AATB accredited, cGMP certified, and FDA registered tissue bank and life sciences company. We focus on 361 HCT/P manufacturing and developing cell therapy and small molecule products derived from bio-ethically sourced human birth tissue. Our proprietary technology has proven results in treating multiple indications.

What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide medical professionals with a comprehensive portfolio of bio-ethically manufactured human birth tissue products. To continually educate, support, and provide tools for achieving exceptional patient outcomes and quality of life.

R&D Platform

  • Vitti Labs™ R&D Platform for drug development is a system with proven success.
  • Vitti Labs™ proprietary methods of biomaterial harvesting and analysis, cell therapy design, and exosome modulation create opportunities for drug development and bring hope to patients and healthcare providers alike.